Single wall pyramid tent (2010)

My first ever attempt of sewing something more advanced than fixing a hole in some well worn favourite trousers. I went to the local sewing machine shop and bought a simple hobby machine and ordered some technical gear material from and The result was a fully functional tent with some annoying drawbacks, but still usable.

The roof is made from 65g/sqm silnylon as a basic tarp construction with an added large beak-like vestibule. The floor is made from 90g/sqm PU-coated nylon and sewn to the roof around the back perimeter with two vents in the back. The inner front is 25g/sqm mosquito net sewn to the roof and connected with a long zipper to the floor.

Final weight is about 1kg including pegs, but excluding the camera monopod center pole.

First test of the primary roof piece in the local parc:

Measuring how long the floor should be when the roof is properly stretched:

Roof and floor connected with rear vents visible:

From the back:

Almost finished in the sunset:

First real test, two nights with plenty of mosquitos and rain during midsummer:

Guyline attachment. You can clearly see how the force from the guyline is transferred past the added corner reinforcement to the end of the grosgrain - this is not how to do it properly!:

Attachment of the top guyline to webbing to which the center pole is connected with a grommet (just to right outside the image):

And finally some 'real use' images: